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Genogram Template and Guide

A genogram is a family tree that maps family members and relationships through generations. The Genogram Template and Guide assists in genogram construction.

The Root System's template has been designed from standardized symbols, providing quick reference to symbols infrequently used.

Why a Genogram Template and Guide?
1. To insure the use of standardized genogram symbols, as established by the Task Force of the North American Primary Care Research Group.
2. To assist the learning of genogram construction for new students, new employees, genogram workshop participants and individuals interested in genealogy.
3. To simplify and expedite genogram preparation with an all-inclusive guide.
4. To facilitate transparency preparation when the genogram is used for formal presentations.

Made of dimensionally stable plastic, matte surface to prevent glare and transparent for full visibility. 5" x 8", .030" thickness, green in color.

$11.95 / template
plus shipping and handling.

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